Wall color not only sets the tone for your style and decor, but it can also influence your mood and how much you like a space. So what do you do when you move into an apartment with wall colors you loathe? There are lots of options including painting it, concealing it, and complementing it. And while they all are effective, not every option is right in every scenario. Read on to learn more about these strategies and determine which one is right for your rental.


Painting is the most effective option for covering up ugly walls. Changing dark and muddy walls to something light and fresh can help the whole place feel bigger and brighter; while adding darker colors to stark walls can create depth, coziness, and drama. Paint is the single most transformative thing you can do in a space, but there are some other things to consider. Many landlords/rental agencies require approval in order to paint. And even if permission is granted, you will likely be required to the paint the walls back before moving out. Painting can also be disruptive to your home and a mess to deal with. Be sure carpets/flooring are protected to avoid spills and splatters (and therefore extra charges upon move out!). Finally, paint is one of the more economic ways to update your walls, but it’s not free. Depending on how big of a paint job you are undertaking, it can cost a few hundred dollars. Be sure you add up the cost for paint and supplies (and double it if you have to repaint before moving out) before jumping in.

Try it if…

Your landlord or rental agency allows painting

You don’t mind the cost and labor of painting (and painting back before moving out)

Cover It

Although paint is often the quickest and most effective way to cover ugly walls, it’s not always practical or feasible. Whether you’re not allowed to paint, not up for the hassle, or it’s just too big of an undertaking, there are other ways to deal with unsightly walls. From decals and removable wallpaper, to affordable art and temporary wall treatments, the options are endless. Peel-and-stick wallpapers are an ideal solution if you want to cover up walls in a truly temporary and removable way. . However, they can be really expensive for an entire room or entire rental, so you may want to consider just wallpapering a feature wall, using decals to give the appearance of wallpaper, or using something less expensive (like wrapping paper or fabric) instead. Also consider art. Collections of frames and/or oversized art can not only cover up ugly walls, but give your eyes something prettier to look at!

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