Did you get a surprise call that visitors are coming? Or maybe your house guests are arriving and you have not had time to do anything. Either way, we have the 10 things that you need to do when guests are on their way. Some of these will make your apartment look better and others will help to make your guests feel as at home as possible.

First things first, to make your home look as neat as possible start in the kitchen. Clean off the counters, take out the trash, and do the dishes. No time to do the dishes? Either put them in the dishwasher or in a sink filled with water. Continue around the other public areas of your home and do a quick pick up. This will at least give your home the appearance of being neat and clean.

Light a candle in a room or two to spread an amazing scent throughout your home. A home that smells clean feels cleaner as well. Keep a few candles on hand just for when guests are on their way.

There is nothing worse than a lack of toilet paper in an unfamiliar bathroom. Be sure to put a few extra rolls out so guests can grab some if they need it. While you are in the bathroom, make sure your toilet is clean and the bathroom looks as good as possible. Also a lit candle in the bathroom is never a bad idea.

A well stocked nightstand wherever your guests are going to sleep can be a lifesaver. Tissues are a great addition as well as a bedside lamp. Guests often do not know where the items are in the room to navigate in the dark. A lamp beside the bed can make all of the difference in the world and prevent those dreaded stubbed toes.

If you have time, add a small basket or bin to the guest room with essentials for their stay. Toiletries, towels, wash clothes, extra blankets, and anything else you think they may need or may have forgotten.

If you know that your guests prefer specific food or if there are any food allergies, a basket in the refrigerator with food specifically for them can be a life saver (literally). Let them know upon arrival that the items in the basket are meant for them. They are sure to love your thoughtful gesture.

Some people love one pillow while others want more. Leave several pillows on the guest bed or sofa so they can choose for themselves.

Towels are another item that can be difficult to find in a strange home. Lay out towels in the guest room or in the bathroom itself. Your guests will not have to dig through the cabinets before jumping in the shower.

If you still have time before your guests arrive, start a meal or a few snack items depending on the time of day. Especially if they have been on the road for a long period, your guests may be hungry when they walk in the door.

Finally, try not to stress! Do what you can from our list and smile when your guests walk through the door. They are coming to see you, not your home. Have a wonderful visit with your family or friends no matter if you tackled a few or none of them items on our list.

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