So you’ve found your perfect new place and you’re ready to move in. You’ve got all of your furnishings and color schemes picked out, you get along with your roommate and you got a great price on an apartment in the perfect location. Once you’ve moved everything in you, you realize that the previous tenants did not leave the window treatments and the windows are totally bare. You don’t sew and you know with so many choices you could spend hours researching and price comparing. On top of that, you have no idea how to install any kind of window treatments or other rods if the existing ones do not match your window covering choices.
You might be thinking, do I really need to invest in window treatment if I’m just renting? The reality is that you need privacy (especially in your bedroom) and leaving your windowed doors and windows exposed won’t protect you from bright lights at night or sunshine. That being said, there are sometimes windows in your apartment (like in the kitchen) that are actually fine bare. Use your own judgement to decide which windows require full, partial or no coverage —that’s a good place to start.
If you are crafty enough to sew your own curtains to fit existing rods, hats off to you. But if you’re less DIY savvy, there are plenty of options that are inexpensive, easily moved, and effortlessly chic —we’ve come up with a few options to answer your question— What do I do with my windows?

Drapes and Curtains:

You can find store bought drapes are are very decently priced and will help out with any insulation issues you might have. A nice heavy material will keep the sun out in the summer and keep you warm in the winter. Buy longer drapes that you can “hem” easily just by taping them up. This way, you’ll be able to use them in a place with higher ceilings without any hassle.


Blinds are really good if you want to sometimes let sunshine in or sometimes keep it out. They are also great for privacy without any inconvenience. You’ll probably be able to find some that are fairly easily to install and inexpensive. The downside is that they definitely get very dusty, very quickly. But that’s nothing that a quick clean can’t fix!

Cornice Board:

For windows that don’t really need coverage but do need a little spicing up, a cornice board can fix that right up. It goes over the top of your window and is basically a fabric-covered box that is mounted on the wall. You can definitely make something pretty easily or grab a friend who is handy to help you out. Pick fabric and patterns that match your color schemes and have some fun with it!

Roman Shade:

Many people think that a roman shade is a more luxurious type of window treatment that is totally out of budget. But you can easily create your own no-sew, harward-free version. A roman shade will give you a finished look that you’ll love and will give you place an instant homey feel.

You’ll know what windows really need treatments and what windows can go without. But you’ll also know which windows need a little something extra to make your place look stylish and inviting. No matter what you choose, decorating your space is always the best part!
Don’t forget to check your lease and ask your property manager before making any changes to your rental.

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