Apartments are not known for being exceptionally large, but that doesn’t mean your space has to feel tiny. There are some tricks of the trade that can make any room feel larger than it is. From simple fixes to trial and error rearrangement, I’m going to walk you through five ways you can make your space feel larger than it really is!

Furniture Arrangement

Don’t be afraid to angle your furniture. The longest line in a room is the diagonal, so by placing your furniture on that line, you are allowing the line of sight to be drawn to that angle. Make sure your furniture is scaled properly to your space by keeping larger pieces against the wall and making sure your surrounding pieces are not overpowering. Tall, bulky pieces of furniture will make the ceiling feel lower and the overall space seem cramped. Consider using shorter pieces of furniture and using shallow shelves for storage as necessary. Be sure and keep pathways clear; having to walk around furniture always leaves a space feeling smaller than it is.

Incorporate Other Spaces

When decorating your common areas like dining rooms and living rooms, try tying in those smaller spaces like hallways and entryways. Carrying your color scheme over into those areas makes those spaces feel like they are part of the larger space. This can be accomplished by hanging art, staying consistent with furniture and using mirrors. Monochromatic color schemes work best in these situations.

Hang Mirrors

Large mirrors make a space feel larger. Have you ever been to a restaurant in New York City? Its walls are almost always lined with mirrors to give the illusion of a larger space. Consider hanging one on the wall or purchasing a large leaning mirror. The leaning mirrors also help when you need to check your outfit before leaving the house!

Keep Clutter Hidden

Cluttered spaces are sure to make a space feel smaller. When trying to make a space feel larger, you want to gain empty cubic feet wherever possible. If it looks like there is nowhere to put anything, it feels as though you are running out of space regardless of whether it’s clutter or too many decorations. Using multi-functioning storage pieces in your living room helps give you a place to keep things tucked away neatly.

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