It’s estimated that 44 million Americans have a side hustle.

Picking up a side gig may be partly due to the fact that less than half of the workforce received pay increases in 2019. Perhaps a side income provides a faster way for you to pay off debt, save money or work towards making your side hustle your full-time reality.

Nearly half of all workers have a side hustle in addition to their job, and there are many ways to earn. All you have to do is open an app on your phone. There are plenty of money-making apps to choose from, it’s just a matter of finding one that suits your schedule, lifestyle and side hustle needs.

Here are some of the best apps you can use to start your side hustle or just bring in some extra cash.

Rent out your space


Is there a room in your apartment that’s always unused? Rent it out with Airbnb and earn extra income. According to Entrepreneur, the average person earns $440 by listing their place on Airbnb. Search for homes or apartments in your area to get a feel for how much they’re going for.

If you’re ready to sign up and list your space, be sure to take clear photos with natural sunlight or bright lighting. Clean out any clutter and list amenities the traveler can expect, including free breakfast or a parking space.

Just make sure you check your lease to make sure you’re allowed to rent out your apartment on Airbnb.


Cars sit in parking spaces or garages 95 percent of the time. Instead of letting your car sit there, consider renting it out on Turo.

To list your car with Turo, take a few photos of the interior and exterior and write a brief description. The app will automatically list your car and find potential renters for you.

Turo offers $1 million in liability protection, as well as physical damage protection for all vehicle owners.

Fat Llama

If you have items lying around your apartment that you barely use, lend them or sell them on Fat Llama.

You can rent out almost anything, including camera equipment, electronic toys (drones, anyone?) and DJ equipment.

If you’re interested in earning some cash from lending items, you need to list your item(s), give it a description, lend it (meet at a time and place convenient for you and the borrower) and you’ll get paid after three working days from the start of your rental.

Sell your skills


Help others get their tasks done through TaskRabbit.

You can do anything from hanging pictures, cleaningmovingassembling IKEA furnituredoing laundry and more. TaskRabbit will connect you with people who need your services and you can arrange a time and date to meet.


Similar to TaskRabbit, Handy connects professional cleaners and handymen with customers. Handy is better if you have experience because they’re more selective. However, you can also earn a lot more.


If you have a skill that you can use to freelance, Fiverr is a great place to find potential work with clients. With more than 7.8 million gigs bought each year, you can earn money with everything from graphic design to blog writing.


Foap allows you to sell your photos and videos. The good news is, large companies buy photos on Foap, so a single picture can sell for hundreds of dollars.

For more control, you can submit your photos directly to buyer’s missions, where they outline exactly what they’re looking for. It’s a good way to make sure your photos are seen by them.

Drive or deliver food


If you have a valid license and are a good driver, check out Uber.

If you don’t have a car or prefer not to use your own, Uber can provide you with one through Uber Vehicle Marketplace.

Driving for Uber gives you freedom and autonomy over your schedule, which is the reason many may choose Uber as their side hustle. You get to choose when you want to work and for how long. This can be the biggest hurdle for workers whose schedules aren’t as flexible.


Similar to Uber, you can start driving people with Lyft. All you need is a car and your smartphone.

If you don’t have a car, Lyft has a program called Lyft Express Drive, so you can rent one while you drive for them.


Instacart connects customers with shoppers, allowing them to receive fresh food delivered to their doorstep. Signing up as a shopper means you’ll pick up items for a specific customer.

The company has a few different ways for you to become a shopper with them. One is to be a Full-Service Shopper (longer hours, you need a car and would be considered an independent contractor) and the other is an In-Store Shopper (part-time, no car required), which means you’d shop orders within a store.

Either option provides you with flexibility over your schedule.


A study revealed that 31 percent of people wouldn’t be willing to travel less than half a mile to pick up food from a restaurant. It’s clear with the rise of food apps and delivery services, hungry people just want their meals delivered to their homes.

With DoorDash, they can order food from most restaurants. You earn money by picking up their order and delivering it to them.

To sign up to become a Dasher, you need a driver’s license and insurance.


Similar to DoorDash, you can deliver food (or anything else) with Postmates, with the potential to make as much as $25 an hour.

The company says you can earn money for deliveries you make, based on a specific formula for your particular city. The earnings for deliveries include the amount completed for pick-up, drop-off, per-minute rate you spent at the pick-up location and the per-mile rate for your distance traveled. You can also keep 100 percent of your tips.

Dog sit


If you’re a dog lover, this may be the perfect side hustle. Rover is an app that connects dog sitters and dog walkers with dog owners. According to the site, you can earn up to $1,000 a month.

You can walk their dogs while the owners are at work or board them overnight.

Sell your unwanted items


We live in a Marie Kondo kind of world, where less is more. If it’s always time for spring cleaning at your place, consider selling items you no longer use.

OfferUp is a marketplace that allows you to post your items online. It connects you with local buyers, eliminating any need for shipping. You can sell practically anything from clothing to cars (including the kitchen sink).


Letgo allows you to quickly and easily sell your items online.

Snap pictures of your item(s) and add a few details, including when you purchased it, for how much and why you’re letting it go.

Like OfferUp, letgo is completely free and doesn’t take a commission on sales. However, both apps require an in-person meeting in order to hand off the goods and get your cash for the sale.

How will you choose to earn extra cash?

There are plenty of ways to kickstart your side hustle through any of the apps listed above. Getting into the groove of earning extra cash can be fun and help you pay off debt or save money.

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