Sometimes you just want to sit outside on your apartment balcony and enjoy the fresh air. That is until the mosquitos have you running back inside. What can you do? You can spray yourself in chemicals and hope for the best. But what about a more natural remedy? Try adding some of these plants that repel mosquitos to all of your outdoor areas. You will be pest free before you know it and enjoying the sunshine —chemical free! There are several plants that will work for repelling mosquitos. We are going to list a few options that you can try below. Planting them around outdoor gathering spots will discourage these pests. For the ultimate in protection, take a few leaves off of the plant, crush them, then rub them on your skin. That makes the scent from these plants travel with you and really keeps those mosquitos at bay.

Lavender Marigolds Citronella grass Citrosum (often called mosquito plants in the garden center) Catnip Rosemary Basil Scented geraniums Lemon balm Peppermint Garlic Pennyroyal Sage My personal favorites are ones that serve a purpose. Planting an herb garden on your porch with basil, rosemary, sage, and more is the perfect way to keep repel mosquitos. Then you will also have fresh herbs right at your door when you need them for cooking. These types of double duty plants are my favorite especially for porches and patios. However you can add varieties of these plants anywhere around your home. Plants like marigolds and lavender add a splash of color while making sure that you do not get eaten alive every time you step outside. Marigolds are actually really easy to start from seeds making them an inexpensive option for those on a budget. Which of these plants that repel mosquitos will you add to your deck? Try a few different varieties until you find the one that works best in your area. Remember that standing water is the primary breeding ground for these pests. Check any areas around your home (including gutters) where water might be standing. Removing their home is the first step in getting rid of these bothersome pests.

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