Since a good deal of our lives are spent sleeping, it makes sense to try and create a healthy environment in the bedroom. You can do this by using natural products as much as possible. When shopping, look for things such as organic sheets and curtains and rugs made from substances such as organic wool. Not only will you be greening your apartment, but you will be supporting the eco-friendly industry as well.

The ultimate green bedroom product is probably an organic mattress, but if you don’t want to indulge in this expense you can opt for a pillow top that is made out of organic materials. Eco-aware pillows are another smart bedroom choice and there are many different filler options, ranging from organic wool to organic buckwheat hulls.

If you like a little candlelight, go for soy or beeswax candles for cleaner air inside the apartment. Also pass on mothballs, which can give off strong fumes. Instead use natural cedar chips, hangers and boxes in the closet.

Going green in the bedroom means choosing environmentally friendly living products when possible and minimizing those that contain chemicals. If costs keep you from making the change all at once, you can begin incorporating organic materials as you are able. For most of us a green household isn’t something that is achieved overnight, but rather something that happens over time.

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