It’s frustrating to live in an apartment in the middle of the downtown part of a big city when you love the outdoors. Unfortunately, the city is where the jobs are and so nature lovers sacrifice trees and fields and mountains for the busy city life. You shouldn’t have to compromise on what you love, so here are some ideas for how to bring nature into your apartment.

For those with a black thumb… Not everyone who loves plants and the outdoors has the special knack of keeping them alive. For those with black thumbs, I highly recommend synthetic plants. You can find trees and “potted plants” made of synthetic materials, as well as flowers that are dried. Dried floral arrangements last forever and always look beautiful. If scent matters that much to you, get a flower-scented air freshener and stick it in the middle of the arrangement!

For those who can sort of keep things alive… Some people, like myself, love plants that are real and only have to replace them twice a year or so. For those people, I recommend plants such as the Snake Plant, otherwise known as mother-in-law’s tongue. Plants like these are fairly easy to maintain, even if you forget to water them occasionally. Another idea is cacti or some other form of succulent. Despite common belief, they can be quite pretty when they bloom, and again are very hard to kill. For the green thumb crowd… These people can keep anything alive and grow just about anything. For these people you can do anything you want really. Ferns, palms, bamboo, pots of flowers: whatever tickles your fancy.

What I would do is take the color of the walls you are going to put the plant in, and pick colors that complement it. Greenery goes with almost anything (except chic, black and chrome apartments. This is a good place to use expensive, small plants such as orchids) and if your walls are yellow, you can do flowers in purple, red, or orange. These are just a few ways you can incorporate plants into your apartment. While nothing can compare to the great outdoors, it is a small way to bring your passion inside with you!

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