You did it! Finally, after months of searching and planning and filling out acres of paperwork, you finally have your own place. Now comes the fun part – figuring out what you need. Don’t wait until you’re in your apartment to realize you don’t own a spatula (or a frying pan, for that matter).

Here are six must-haves for your new place:

A bed. If you’ve ever played the Sims or Minecraft, you know step one is setting up your bed. This goes beyond having a mattress, box spring, and frame, though. You’ll need a fitted sheet, a top sheet, pillowcases, blankets, and a comforter. You’ll also have to put the bed together, which brings us to item number two.

Item number two: A toolkit. Even if you don’t consider yourself handy, you’ll need a toolkit with:

Third Item: Kitchen supplies! You need:

Number four: Bathroom supplies:

Five: A sofa and chairs for the living room

And finally, number six: A television (unless you are fine watching everything on your phone or iPad)

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