The best way to ask apartment management to make a repair. An apartment maintenance request is a formal method of informing apartment management of an issue in your apartment and asking them to repair it. Maintenance requests help both you and management keep track of what repairs need to be made and ensure that they’re made in a timely manner.

1. You should always submit a maintenance request in writing Any time you need something repaired in your apartment, you should submit a written request, not just call on the phone or talk to your apartment management in person. Even if you trust that management will take care of a problem when you tell them about it, it’s better to be safe and cover your bases. Management can be busy and your verbal request might slip their mind. A written request will help them to stay on top of it and, if it never gets taken care of, you’ll have proof that you did your part to inform the landlord of the issue.

2. Not all issues require a maintenance request There are some small issues that you can fix on your own, so there’s no need to spend time submitting a maintenance request and having a repairman come fix it for you. Such issues include clogged drains, burned-out light bulbs and minor holes in walls.

3. Management may only cover some maintenance requests Apartment management usually covers repairs that fall under the categories of plumbing, HVAC, pests and electrical. Management may also be responsible for appliances that need replacing (unless a tenant breaks an appliance). repair man

When to go above a maintenance request

Some issues are too urgent for a written maintenance request. If there is ever an urgent issue in your apartment, such as a gas leak or fire, you should immediately contact management and let them know it’s an emergency.

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