Is it oversized or is it perfectly-sized?

Many would argue there’s no such thing as an oversized closet, but an oversized closet is a feature included in many rentals — a feature you might want to consider hunting out.

An oversized closet is a closet that’s intentionally larger than normal. Oversized closets are sometimes found in standard rentals but are most often included as luxury amenities.

1. An oversized closet can store more than just clothes

There’s one perk of having an oversized closet in your apartment you may not have thought of. Beyond just extra space for your clothes, oversized closets can be used for extra storage in general. If you’ve ever rented a place that lacked in terms of storage space, you know how frustrating that can be. Oversized closets can offer you a place to keep any extra belongings, other than clothes, out of sight and out of mind.

2. You’ll probably pay for an oversized closet

Renting an apartment with an oversized closet usually comes with an inflated price tag. Because space is so in-demand for rentals, oversized closets are considered an amenity you’ll likely have to pay for. However, it may be worth it. If you don’t have adequate storage in your rental, you could end up renting a costly storage unit in the end anyways.

3. An oversized closet takes away square footage from the rest of the house

Finding a rental is all about priorities. Oftentimes, you can’t “have it all,” so you have to make choices about what features are the most important to you. Oversized closets do subtract space from other parts of the floor plan, which is something you’ll need to think about. If you prefer large bedrooms, you may get more bang for your buck from an apartment with standard-sized closets.

An oversized closet is a highly-desired apartment amenity

Lots of renters seek out oversized closets, and perhaps they have become more common as a result. As with any apartment amenity, you need to have your priorities in order. In today’s market, you can almost certainly find an apartment with oversized closets. The question you have to ask yourself is how you want to spend your rental budget.

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