Do you plan on throwing a party this December? I know I certainly do. Having a little party is a great way to have friends over and enjoy the merriment that is Christmas. So if you’re looking for tips and ideas for hosting a holiday party, check out our list. We’ve provided you with the essentials to make your party a success!

1. Invitations!

Be sure and send out invitations. With the busy holiday season, your party is not the only one people would like to attend. Send out invitations in advanced so others know to put yours on the calendar! I would personally recommend as that is a great website for you to host all your party’s details and list of attendees.

2. Holiday Decorations Outside Your Apartment.

As guests come up to your home, you want to make sure they immediately feel the holiday spirit! 3. Holiday Decorations Inside Your Apartment. Check out our ‘Must Haves’ list for holiday décor (link). 4. Menu. Catering would be the easiest solution as you don’t have to prepare the food while you’re scrambling with other details. However, it is an alternative that could be more expensive. Regardless of what option you choose, make or cater, be sure to include a variety.

5. Beverage Assortment.

Not everyone will drink regular soda (especially the diet conscientious). So be sure to have a plethora of options for your guests. Water for the non-drinkers! Or a neat idea would be to have a hot chocolate bar!

6. Entertainment.

Be sure your guests are entertained at this event. Have a raffle for them to participate in, or games for interaction.

7. Music.

Having a little holiday music is great for the backdrop of conversations taking place. It eliminates the lull of silence should any conversations cease for a period of time.

8. Theme.

Want to incorporate a theme?? You could do an ugly Christmas sweater contest! Seeing all your friends in the ugliest creation is sure to get lots of laughs!

9. Serve Ware.

Use plastic plates, cups and utensils for easy clean up at the end of the night. A ‘go green’ effort would be to recycle them all after washing them off in the sink!!

10. Attire.

As the host/hostess you’ll be the center of a lot of activity. You’ll be answering any questions someone may have about the apartment (i.e. location of bathroom), partaking in just about everyone’s conversation, etc. So you’ll want to make sure you look good! Be sure and get dolled up for your holiday party by wearing a nice holiday outfit!

11. Thank You Gifts.

A nice touch would be at the end of the night to have a little ‘party bag’ for your guests to take home. Something to remind them of the good times they had at your holiday party. It can be elaborate or something simple. It’s a really nice gesture for sure!

12. Relax!!

You are finally at the party you’ve worked so hard to plan. So relax and enjoy your time with friends and family!! We hope you have a terrific holiday party season! Have fun and be safe!!

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