Five Tricks to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

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At some point in your life, it’s almost inevitable that you will need to figure out how to decorate a small space…  That may be a small loft, a one-bedroom apartment, an office space, or some other room in your new house.  Regardless of what your small space design challenge may be, there are a five […]

5 Decoration Ideas to Make Your Balcony More Peaceful

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Perfecting your patio for your summer staycation. The summer season is almost upon us, and in the past, that would have meant holiday weekend getaways or maybe a family vacation. But with coronavirus sticking around like that sunburn you got last Labor Day weekend, summer 2020 will require us all to get a little more creative. And […]

3 Things to Know About Renters Insurance

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Renters insurance is a special kind of insurance coverage that protects your residence even if you don’t own the building. Unlike homeowners insurance, renters insurance is primarily concerned with the contents of a rented unit, and not the structure of the building itself. Renters insurance policies often protect against loss of personal property, costs incurred by forced […]

3 Things to Know About Quiet Enjoyment

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Quiet enjoyment sounds like the ideal term to describe a rental situation, but it actually has a specific legal meaning. Quiet enjoyment is the agreement between renters and property owners that assures a safe unit, free of disruptions or issues that inhibit living. Quiet enjoyment is not an agreement that promises absolute silence. Instead, it’s […]

Small Hacks to Dress Up Your Room

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As winter drags on, you might be spending more and more time in your apartment. If you’ve been looking around and wondering … how can I make this look better? We have a few tricks to dress up your room without spending a ton of cash. Explore other rooms. You never know what you might […]

6 Makeover Tips for Your Apartment Living Room

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Does your living room need a makeover? Create an epic space using these 6 of the following makeover tips and transform your room from everyday ordinary into something new. Small and simple changes can make a big impact. Which changes will you incorporate into your home? 1. Change out the couch accessories – Selecting the […]

Tres Chic Décor

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Do you love the look of tres chic décor, but don’t always want to pay the tres chic price tag? You can create a glamorous look for your space, without having to go beyond your budget. All you need are a few fabulous finds, elegant décor, the perfect colors, and trendy patterns to complete the […]

Holiday Cookies

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You open your email and there it is … you friend/family member/coworker is having a cookie swap. If your initial thought is to panic or think about heading to the grocery store for a pre-packaged box of cookies, take a deep breath and think again! Cookies are easy to make, and these recipes will make […]

Low to NO Cost Makeovers for Your Apartment!

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It’s time to get creative! If you’re decorating style is stuck in a rut but you have little to no money to do anything about it, check out these great ideas. Most don’t require you to purchase anything, just using things you already have in your house. But boy will these ideas do the trick! […]

Five Tips on Maximizing Your Bedroom for Sleep

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After a long day working, you probably want to curl up in bed and relax. But just how do you create a soothing and welcoming environment where you can instantly fall asleep? For tips on maximizing your apartment bedroom for sleep and relaxation, we consulted Heather Hess, lead designer of interior design platform Swatchpop!, who […]