Best Movies of 2019

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Pop some popcorn, grab a blanket, and snuggle up to these fabulous films of yesteryear. Click this link for the best movies of 2019. Stop by The Addison on Long Bayou for a tour!

25 Perfect Make Ahead Breakfast Recipes

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Meal prepping is often a great way to save money. Here are some easy tips to get started! 25 Perfect Make Ahead Breakfast Recipes Stop by The Addison on Long Bayou for a tour!

6 Makeover Tips for Your Apartment Living Room

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Does your living room need a makeover? Create an epic space using these 6 of the following makeover tips and transform your room from everyday ordinary into something new. Small and simple changes can make a big impact. Which changes will you incorporate into your home? 1. Change out the couch accessories – Selecting the […]

Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Items

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It’s a New Year and a new you!  Discovering a new meaning for all the old things around the house is what the New Year is about!  Check out these tips for enhancing existing items around your apartment. Dryer SheetsBe static and streak-free! Add a few drops of water to a used dryer sheet and […]

5 Basics of Personalizing Your Rental

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The rental life comes with plenty of high points: free maintenance, a built-in community if you live in an apartment and the freedom to live year-to-year rather than settling down for good. One of the challenges of living in a rental property, however, is the lack of freedom to fully customize it to your needs. […]

Most Sought After Amenities

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Gone are the days where all we looked for in an apartment was, “how many beds/baths?” With the ability to do advanced searches online, more and more communities began to add all sorts of amenities. This is a great thing for the current, or soon to be, apartment hunter. It allows you to choose the […]

St Pete Beer & Bacon Festival

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Beer and bacon two of my favorite things together. The 4th annual St. Pete Beer and Bacon festival will be on Saturday, January 18th, 2020 from 12 pm – 7 pm at Vinoy Park. Enjoy unlimited Sampling of 75+ Craft Beers & 15+ Craft Cocktails & Spirits (3-7pm) 50+ Bacon dishes from 20+ food vendors […]

What Color Schemes to Choose for Your New Apartment Tips

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When trying to create a look for your new apartment, I’m sure many colors pop into your mind. Either you want your favorite color or perhaps a color scheme you had in your old place. Regardless, before you start decorating; check out some helpful tips for color combinations that work well together.You could use a […]

Easy Decorating for a New Year’s Eve Party

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“10, 9, 8…!” Instead of counting down the seconds to ring in the New Year, many of us are actually counting down the days until all the holiday festivities are over! Maybe you eagerly decided to invite your friends over to throw a New Year’s Eve bash at your new apartment.  Yet, if you are […]

Tres Chic Décor

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Do you love the look of tres chic décor, but don’t always want to pay the tres chic price tag? You can create a glamorous look for your space, without having to go beyond your budget. All you need are a few fabulous finds, elegant décor, the perfect colors, and trendy patterns to complete the […]