Your Guide on What to Buy Used or New For Your Apartment

dinning room furniture, livingroom furniture, plates, cups

No doubt about it: moving is expensive. After you’ve given a deposit, the first month’s rent, and you’ve paid all those pesky initiation fees to your utility providers, you might be short on cash. And you’ve probably got to furnish an apartment to boot. But fear not. By purchasing used goods, you can save yourself […]

Drilled! The Musical

musical, theater mask, stage

Why not see a musical this weekend?  Go see Drilled playing at the Palladium.  Drilled! Larry the Laborer, a blue-collar celebrity and conservative icon who helped his party win the White House, has fallen on hard times. Jobless, loveless and plagued with a painful toothache, Larry journeys to the office of the only dental conglomerate […]

Creative Ways to Lower Your Utility Bills

thermostat, energy saving

Utility bills can sneak up on us and really put a dent in our wallets. We may think we’re being diligent in saving energy, but there are so many things we don’t even realize we’re doing that cost us money. Don’t worry, though, there are a lot of simple and effective ways to lower your […]

Smart Assistants- How to Get the Most Out of Your Smart Assistant

greatest things about your smart assistant

Whether you use Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or Google Assistant, you already more than likely know a little bit about what it’s like to use a virtual assistant. Even if it’s just asking Siri to read you a text, you’ve probably used a smart assistant before in one way or another! But when it comes to […]

Celebrate Winter and Hope’s Birthday

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Celebrate Winter’s 13th and Hope’s 8th birthdays at Clearwater Marine Aquarium! Birthday Bubble Bash will last from October 1- 14 Take the kids 12 and under to the aquarium with a birthday card for Winter & Hope will receive $9.99 admission between Oct. 1-14. The Addison on Long Bayou is only 20 minutes away from Clearwater Marine […]

The Addison on Long Bayou WELCOMES our first residents!

Welcome home

We are so excited to announce our first day of new residents!  We want to welcome all of you and we’re excited for you to call The Addison on Long Bayou home! Be sure to drop by and grab a coffee to keep the fun moving process going!  And let your furry friend visit the […]