At some point in your life, it’s almost inevitable that you will need to figure out how to decorate a small space…  That may be a small loft, a one-bedroom apartment, an office space, or some other room in your new house.  Regardless of what your small space design challenge may be, there are a five “hacks” or design tricks to make your small space feel bigger.  From optical illusions to keeping things tidy, these easy tips can help your small space feel larger which will allow you to enjoy your small space even more.


Adding bulky or dark furniture to a small space can block your eye from viewing what little area you have.  In order to keep the line of eyesight through the small space longer, try incorporating some sort of clear Lucite furniture into the design.  There are several options to choose from when looking for Lucite furniture.  Some options you might consider are using Lucite furniture as desk or dining room chairs, chests for coffee tables, or small side tables.


Keep it bright in your small space and allow light to bounce off mirrors as it continues that line of sight mentioned earlier.  Have you ever been tricked to think a small restaurant extends further than it does because there was entire wall of mirrors in the back of their dining room? By adding mirrors to your walls, it creates an optical illusion that the mind sees as more space and that can make your small area look double the size!


A C-Table is a great option for both décor and functionality in large or small areas. These little guys come in extra handy when you’re running low on space and want to make a small space feel bigger. A C-Table tucks its legs and its tabletop over an item (most often used with sofas) and looks like a structured “C” that can be pulled in and out when desired.  With a C-Table, there are no table legs taking up wasted space allowing the space to feel bigger.


There are a few options to enhance your space if you are incorporating a bed into your design.  Stow-away murphy beds actually fold up in to the wall.  These have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years.  Murphy bed along with trundle beds, which are extra beds stored underneath another bed frame, save space when the beds are not in use. Another option would be to use a bed frame with extra storage drawers underneath the bed that are built in. 


Lastly, if you are going to paint or purchase new furniture for a small space, think about looking at “lighter” colors to brighten the space.  Light reflects off of light colored surfaces, so the lighter the color walls and furniture, the brighter the space will feel which will also mean that it feels larger too.  Think in terms of creams, whites, and other light pastels when you are designing your small space.  One option could be to use different hues of cream to give your small space some variance but keep it all look pulled together.

Decorating a small space may feel like it can be an overwhelming task when trying to add a bit of design flair, but by leveraging any or all of these five tricks to make your small space feel bigger, you’ll find that even the tiniest space can feel like a great place.  These tricks won’t just allow your small space to look bigger, but some will actually help with storage and floor space.  

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